Original Hand-Drawn Logo Design with Proof of Design Video

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Are you ready to embark on a creative journey that infuses vibrant, rich colors into your brand’s identity? Our Original Hand-Drawn Logo Design service is your gateway to a world of visual artistry and storytelling that will make your brand truly stand out.

Disclaimer: If you see SRRSL watermarked on some of the pictures. It is because it was the name of the brand before it was changed to Artmetris. If you visit our facebook page you will see it in the page transparency section.

The Artistry You Deserve:

1. Hand-Drawn Masterpiece: Our team of seasoned artists brings your logo to life through the mesmerizing strokes of hand-drawn artistry. The result is not just a logo; it’s a piece of art that captures the very essence of your brand. Every line and curve is infused with the soul of your unique vision.


2. A Symphony of Colors: We don’t just design logos; we paint stories with a palette of vibrant, rich colors. Our artists will work closely with you to select a color scheme that resonates with your brand’s personality. Whether it’s the warm glow of sunset oranges or the cool serenity of ocean blues, your logo will be a visual masterpiece.


The Journey Unveiled (5-10-Second Video):


– Creative Alchemy: Our proof of design video is a captivating 10-second journey that unveils the magic behind your logo. Watch as your logo takes shape from the first pencil sketch to the final digital masterpiece. It’s a visual narrative that tells the story of your brand’s evolution.


– Dynamic Presentation: We infuse the video with the same vibrant colors used in your logo, creating a dynamic and visually striking presentation. This video becomes a valuable asset for sharing your brand’s story and creative process with your audience.


Why Choose Hand-Drawn:


– A Splash of Personality: Hand-drawn logos add a splash of personality to your brand. Each line and color choice is a reflection of your individuality.


– Memorability: Your logo becomes unforgettable because it’s unlike any other. It leaves a lasting impression on those who see it.


– Customer Connection: The included proof of design video not only showcases your creative journey but also establishes a deeper connection with your audience. They get to see the heart and soul behind your brand.


Elevate your brand with a logo that’s more than just an image; it’s a vibrant canvas of self-expression. Choose our Original Hand-Drawn Logo Design service, and let the world see your brand in vibrant, rich colors. Make a statement, tell a story, and create a lasting impact that’s truly unforgettable.